Bringing Jesus his Fish and Chips

From Rev David Tannock, Chaplain, Wellington Hospital The chaplaincy team at Wellington Hospital includes two full-time chaplains, two half-time chaplains, and a team of 16 voluntary assistants. The team covers most of the commonest Christian churches, but there are a large number of smaller faith communities in Wellington not represented […]

Wellington Hospital Information

Some Statistics In an average month at Wellington Hospital the 3 (fulltime equivalent) chaplains – Spend 520 hours on duty Make 940 visits to patients …. read more  > Also see What’s happened at Porirua  read more  >   The Window’s Story of the Hospital Chapel When the Capital and […]

A view of wellington hospital reception


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People and Places

The Chaplaincy service is about People, serving all those whose lives in any way touch the healing concerns of our hospitals. It offers help, not only to the community of people who aren’t well, and to their families and friends, but also to all those who care directly for them […]

The bottom line

The economy may be taking off but the financial climate for essential charities is still difficult. Timely donations from stalwarts such as S Peter’s Inner City and Onslow Anglican parishes have kept our funds ahead of demand through to the first quarter of this year. We were very encouraged to […]

A Chaplain Considers…

In a busy hospital having space to collect one’s thoughts and tend to one’s spiritual needs is important for good health. Over the past few weeks I have had reason to reflect on this. In the course of my rounds I met a man who opened the conversation with telling […]

Farewell to founding Treasurer

The Trust is sad and very reluctant to bid farewell to its founding Treasurer, David Underwood. David has been a pillar of strength for eight years, during which the Trust has solidly supported the work of hospital chaplaincy in Wellington, looking beyond the immediate present to the needs of the […]

What happened at Porirua

The Revd Kath MacLean, full-time chaplain at the Mental Health Unit reports: 1 August (Wednesday) Porirua’s Head of Security sent Kath (returning from a clergy conference in the Wairarapa) an urgent message to the effect that both she and the part-time assistant chaplain must move out from the chapel without […]

The Volunteer Team

Wellington Hospital is a busy place. It’s 474 beds do not, perhaps, seem that many (although you have to add the 110 at Kenepuru and the 175 mental health beds at Porirua when looking at the whole District Health Board). But the figures start to get impressive when you realize […]

Oct 2012 – An Update

Those “in the know” keep telling us that green shoots are starting to appear in the economy. For many of us, the shoots, if visible at all, are too frail to have more than a tentative grip on existence. It is therefore with great gratitude that the Trust thanks all […]

2011 AGM Address

Taken from her address to the 2011 AGM of the Trust in November “No matter what way you look at health services, funding is a major issue and will continue to be an issue. The establishment of the Trust in 2005 was a very sound decision and has provided the […]

Room Blessings

It is the normal practice of a hospital to bless a room (or an operating theatre) after a death. Usually the chaplains do this, though at night it is often done by a member of staff using holy water and prayers provided by the chaplains. At a room blessing the […]

The Nitty Gritty

Our particular funding need can be summarised simply: we need an additional $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year from generous donors to cover the expected cost of maintaining chaplaincy services in Wellington hospitals. In fact, the overall cost of maintaining and supporting chaplaincy in Wellington hospitals is around $144,000 […]