Major Donors

We wish to recognise and record the tremendous support we receive from our major donors. During 2011, each of the following contributed more than $1,000; some donations were considerably larger. Interchurch National Appeal St Peter’s Anglican Church (Willis St) Otaki/Waikanae Presbyterian Church McKenzie Trust Bowen Trust Onslow Anglican Church Methodist […]

A Day’s Diary Note

6.30am  A tui and the Sun’s rays together announce Monday morning. The pager goes off…. “We have an elderly woman dying. Her daughter cannot get in as her father needs to be taken to hospital. She has asked if a chaplain can be with her Mum”. “I’ll be there in […]


In an average month at Wellington Hospital the 3 (full-time equivalent) chaplains – Spend 520 hours on duty Make 940 visits to patients And 500 visits to family members Are on call for 90 nights Conduct 180 acts of worship with individuals And 16 regular group services And 20 room […]

wellington hospital view from front

Message from the Chair

New Steps From previous WHCT Chair – Margaret Rowe In 2010 a separate Trust was set up within the original in memory of Jim Rowe, with special provision for donations made to remember him and his commitment to the chaplaincy service at Wellington Hospital. The Trust’s vision has moved from […]


WHCT Funds Annual payments under current trends are around $15,000. This figure is likely to rise to around $20,000 – more if the LSP option is taken (see below). The ICHC (Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy) organises an annual appeal for chaplaincy support through local churches commencing end September. Funds […]

To LSP or not to LSP?

The accepted official pattern of chaplaincy support is through Local Support Providers (LSP’s), locally-based ecumenical committees providing financial and pastoral support to chaplains in each District Health Board. LSP’s are based on DHB boundaries. Adjacent DHBs, eg Capital Coast and Hutt, may share an LSP. Neither Capital Coast nor Hutt […]

Bringing Jesus his Fish and Chips

From Rev David Tannock, Chaplain, Wellington Hospital The chaplaincy team at Wellington Hospital includes two full-time chaplains, two half-time chaplains, and a team of 16 voluntary assistants. The team covers most of the commonest Christian churches, but there are a large number of smaller faith communities in Wellington not represented […]

The Hospital Chapel

The Window’s Story When the Capital and Coast District Health Board embarked upon its major reconstruction of the hospital buildings in Wellington, included in the plan was the provision of a chapel within the new complex, fulfilling a promise made when the original “Nurses’ Chapel” building was taken over in […]

A view of a generic hospital chapel

Wellington Hospital Information

Some Statistics In an average month at Wellington Hospital the 3 (fulltime equivalent) chaplains – Spend 520 hours on duty Make 940 visits to patients …. read more  > Also see What’s happened at Porirua  read more  >   The Window’s Story of the Hospital Chapel When the Capital and […]

A view of wellington hospital reception


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