We wish to recognise and record the tremendous support we receive from our major donors. During 2011, each of the following contributed more than $1,000; some donations were considerably larger.

  • Interchurch National Appeal
  • St Peter’s Anglican Church (Willis St)
  • Otaki/Waikanae Presbyterian Church
  • McKenzie Trust
  • Bowen Trust
  • Onslow Anglican Church
  • Methodist District Synod
  • Funeral Donations via the chaplaincy

Trustees have been working with the national Interchurch Hospital Chaplaincy Organisation to make sure that the purpose and vision of the Trust can be effectively provided in conjunction with the national chaplaincy programme (each with its own local support group).

These negotiations will require further discussion, to allow for whatever changes (both predictable and unforeseeable) may occur within the health systems of New Zealand.

One thing is sure: whatever the changing patterns of health care, the special skills of the chaplaincy services will continue to be an important part of the vulnerable human situation that makes up the special world of health treatment and which, in one way or another, involves us all.

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