To LSP or not to LSP?

The accepted official pattern of chaplaincy support is through Local Support Providers (LSP’s), locally-based ecumenical committees providing financial and pastoral support to chaplains in each District Health Board. LSP’s are based on DHB boundaries. Adjacent DHBs, eg Capital Coast and Hutt, may share an LSP.

Neither Capital Coast nor Hutt has had a functioning LSP for over a decade. Administrative support to local chaplains is provided by DHB staff. WHCT’s active role is Wellington Hospital-based and has been principally Anglican.

A question before us is whether the WHCT might move more towards being an LSP.

Such a move would:

  • Extend WHCT’s perspectives and support roles to Porirua/Kapiti;
  • Extend WHCT perspectives and membership to a wider ecumenical base;
  • Require (and enable) wider funding support;
  • Lead us on to the question of supporting Hutt chaplaincy as well, or at least establishing contact with Hutt.

WHCT will prayerfully develop these options over the coming months. Any supporter feedback is welcome.